Drug Discovery Capabilities



  • Beacon has significant experience in GPCR hit explosion

    • Employ computational methods for new compound purchase to expand hit set

    • e.g. shape and scaffold-based approaches

  • Design of follow-up libraries

    • Employ computational approaches to substituent selection

    • Extensive corporate medicinal chemistry knowledge

  • Chemistry executed at preferred partner

    • No target or SAR information shared

    • Highly cost effective

  • Receptor homology modelling to assist SAR development

    • Can be useful in hit-to-lead and lead optimization stages


Beacon employs novel and proprietary platforms to access billions of new compounds in cloud -based virtual screens:

  • 1.5 Billion Enamine Real Collection and Beacon Screening collection

  • Virtual hits synthesized and supplied within 4-5 weeks to test in assay platforms

  • Utilize the Openeye Orion Platform:

    • Currently only 4 users on shared compute resource

    • Lead/Scaffold hopping using ROCs on massive scale

    • Shape/Electrostatic searching based on known ligand(s)

    • Fast: ~60 minutes/screen

    • Take top 500 – cluster by scaffold pick 50 compounds covering top-scoring scaffolds to test (buy and test)

    • Dock 1.5 Billion Compounds into GPCR Crystal Structure 

    • Filter screening hits PSA 60-90, clogP 1-4, MW < 400 

    • Select Scaffolds with >20 members