Experienced team to capitalize on breakthroughs in GPCR biology to drive internal and
partnered drug discovery efforts


Beacon Discovery Inc. is a newly launched, privately held drug discovery incubator that will efficiently identify
and advance molecules targeting G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) from concept to clinic.
The founders of Beacon have a wealth of diverse experience in GPCR drug discovery and have delivered more
than 20 compounds into clinical development during their careers. The team will utilize this unique
multidisciplinary expertise along with state-of-the-art technologies to capitalize on recent advances in GPCR
“The forefront of GPCR research has shifted in recent years from traditional orthosteric receptor-ligand
interactions towards understanding allosterism, biased ligands, and persistent signaling” said Dominic Behan,
President and CEO of Beacon Discovery Inc. “In addition there has been a revolution in GPCR structural
biology. Our extensive experience allows us to leverage these advances to more efficiently drive drug discovery
efforts for us and our partners, delivering superior treatments to patients.”
Beacon’s research assets include a broad array of high throughput and targeted assay platforms addressing
emerging GPCR biology, a well characterized diverse compound collection, state-of-the-art computational
approaches, and a broad range of in vivo pharmacology expertise and capabilities. The company intends to
utilize these platforms to facilitate the drug discovery process both internally, and with global partners.
Beacon has established academic and pharmaceutical company collaborations, and is currently exploring
additional opportunities. The company will maintain a focus in CNS research, whilst exploring innovative
pathway-directed primary cell-based approaches to target other critical therapeutic areas with high unmet
medical need.
Beacon Discovery is headquartered in San Diego, CA.
Beacon Discovery Inc.